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Artwork Guide

If you are unable to provide artwork to the specifications below, just give us a call and we can advise you further. Our iPrint Creative team offers a full design service at competitive rates!

If WE are designing your project...please supply any relevant images and artwork. Your artwork checklist:

  • COLOURS must be set to CMYK.
  • IMAGES (and photos/scans) can be provided as a JPEG, TIFF, EPS or PDF but not embedded into a document.
  • LOGOS are preferred as an EPS or vector file.
  • RESOLUTION of images/photos/scans must be at least 300dpi at actual print size.
  • FONTS should be specified or provided. If not outline all the fonts in the artwork.

If YOU have designed your project...  please provide a ‘print ready’ PDF. Your PDF checklist:

  • QUALITY must be saved as ‘High’ or ‘Press’.
  • COLOURS must be set to CMYK.
  • RESOLUTION of images used must be at least 300dpi at actual print size.
  • FONTS must be embedded.
  • BLEED must be included at 3mm all the way around the page size.
  • PAGES must be single (particularly if spreads have been designed) and saved into one document

Please note .

. The quality and colour matching can not be guaranteed if artwork is supplied in any other format   (for example microsoft word, publisher or powerpoint). The colour presented on screen will not necessarily match the final printed product. 

. File formats such as PICT, WMF, BMP or GIF may be supported in your page layout application  but they are not suitable for high quality colour printing. 

. Avoid using full color on small text less than 17 points or typing small text in photoshop, instead use Indesign or Illustrator.


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