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Get Noticed

Grab attention with striking product visuals and communicate a more premium product promoting freshness and quality. With our UV printed labels, your brand will not be easily forgotten.

Self adhesive labeling enhances graphics and visually sets your brand apart from competitors on the busy retail shelf.

Grab attention with special effects and finishes such as gold foiling, silver foiling, Varnish and metallic effect UV printing on white PP (polypropylene) material, Clear PP and paper.



- Bakery
- Confectionary
- Dairy
- Meat & Produce
- Cosmetics
- Pharmaceuticals
- Juice & Soda
- Cleaning products
- Cosmetics
- Automotive
- Edible Oils

Cold Foil Stamping

Make Your Labels Shine
Elevate your label design with cold foil stamping, a popular printing technique that’s used to add metallic touches to custom labels and stickers. Cold foil stamping is used on many different types of labels because cold foil can be applied to temperature sensitive material. Our dedicated customer service and production teams can help you achieve a foil look that complements your design so your labels attract attention while communicating quality.
We also offer foil labels if you want your whole label to be metallic.


Benefits of Cold Foil Stamping
Cost effective and efficient for all order sizes, cold foil stamping is an on-press application that transfers cold foil onto a surface using printing plates and a UV curing lamp (Note: we use flexographic presses for cold foil stamping). Below are some benefits of cold foil stamping:
Shelf appeal from afar – Labels with metallic and reflective elements can attract customers from a farther distance than labels with no sheen.

Won’t damage heat sensitive materials – Plastic films (e.g. shrink film); non-absorbent paper and nonporous materials won’t be damaged with cold foil stamping. Smooth surfaces are particularly best because it will print more evenly for enhanced label quality.

Various colors available – Cold foil stamping can do a multitude of colors beyond the standard silver and gold – we can tint your foil to any color simply by overprinting the foil area. 


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Shrink Sleeves - BOPP wraparound labels

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